WordPress maintenance

As a business owner we know you have better things to do than spend your valuable time updating your website content, applying software patches and dealing with broken functionality.

What you may not be taking into account is that time you spend on one thing ensures that you are not able to spend time on something else. So let us ensure your site is up-to-date, secure and delivering every time while you engage with your clients or sit back and unwind.

We have carefully crafted an annual plan that helps businesses get on with business while we take care of the rest. Our plans are able to provide any business a professional team member who will be able to assist with anything related to their website.

Cyber criminals will try and hack into your site at any chance they get to steal your money and data! They exploit vulnerabilities in websites and plugins on all platforms not just WordPress.

Ensure you protect yourself; you don’t want your reputation ruined, do you?


£42per month
  • 1 Hour of content updates
  • Plugins and core WordPress updates
  • Website & database backup
  • Pay annually & gain an extra 10 mins /mo.

8 Hours

£336per month
  • 8 Hours of content updates
  • Plugins and core WordPress updates
  • Website & database backup
  • Pay annually & gain an extra 20 mins /mo.


This service is aimed at small to medium sized businesses that require occasional support and maintenance with their websites and don’t either have the time or skills in-house to do them.

No you don’t have to host your websites with us however it does help us provide better support. View our specialised hosting packages.

Depending on which package you sign up to you will have either 1, 4 or 8 hours to use within any calendar month. If you sign up after 21st of any calendar month we’ll let you carry over any remaining time into the following month for the 4 and 8 hour packages.

Once you have your content ready for your website email it over to [email protected] and one of our support team will pick it up. We have a 72 hour SLA on all general content requests but we aim to fulfilled these within 24 hours.

Bug fixes, design amendments and other customisations may take longe. You will be given an indication once your request has been reviewed.

You can use this time for content and design changes as well any and development such as fixing code or creating a new page layout etc.

All our chargeable time is tracked using Clockify.me to ensure we are billing correctly. Before we undertake any large task(s) we will provide a rough time scale so you’re aware on how much time will be required and if the task is possible to do.

Typically in one hour we’re able to backup a website, run core WordPress and plugin updates, test the functionality and add/amend a number of pages and images through out the site.

We will provide you with an update on your time usage before and after chargeable tasks.

Yes, we will backup your website before we make any changes. If the changes should have a negative effect on your website we will role back to its original state before we started to make any changes.

We will retain the backup for 30 days on a remote server.

It is recommended that you keep your website and its plugins all up to date to avoid any known (and some unknown) vulnerabilities and keep your website and its data safe and secure.

Additional time is charged at £50 per hour inclusive of VAT or you can buy time bolt-on at a cheaper rate to use within your month. Please talk to our support team via email, web chat or within your Microsoft Teams acount.

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